Lets come travel to the five best place for tour in northeast India

Dawki: Dawki or Dauki is a town in West Jaintia Hills district, Meghalaya, India. Nature is so beautiful here you can feel or see, crystal clear river feel you very different view of this river, here the river is unbelievably transparent visibility this is an attractive truism place. This is a very active place for tours and travels. Here greenery, forestry, mountains, etc.

Distance: you need to take the road route to reach Dawki by Shillong by 45km.

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Kamakhya temple:  Kamakhya temple is one of the old Hindus temples which is 51 shaktipithas, this temple is dedicated to mother goddess kamakhya. The temple is situated in the Nilachal hills in the western part of Guwahati. Assam, India. This temple is an important pilgrim’s station for Hindus and for tantric worship. This is one highest worshiped temple in north India. 

Distance: 13km away from the Guwahati bus stand.

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Majuli: Majuli is an island river in Brahmaputra River Assam. The world’s largest river span aria about 1250 sq km. the place is very fascinating that is considered by the world heritage site UNESCO. Majuli called the cultured capital of Assam as tribal inhabited, here people occupation is fishing especially. After the visit here you can enjoy by motorboat or ferry riding.

Distance: 20km away from Jorhat city, Assam, India.

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Cherrapunji‎: Cherrapunji‎ is famous for its rains, it rains all day all year also this is famous for its living Roots Bridge this bridge is made by bioengineering by locals made from the rubber tree. Here massive mountain wall full of nature and forest here massive monsoon rainfalls magnificent scenery sensational viewpoint etc. lush of sounding greenery. You can hire a local taxis to visit more places to take enjoyment of viewpoint.

Distance: 4.5km away ride from sohra market, East Khasi Hills, India.

Cherrapunji : A place serenely beautiful - Tripoto

Dibrugarh: Dibrugarh is a quite, colorful, and vibrant place that is situated in Assam. Lush of greenery tea garden this place is also known as the tea garden of Assam in India. Here visitors feel smoothly after the visit. Govt is making modern urban infrastructure projects that aim toward making vibrant Dibrugarh.

Distance: Dibrugarh is approximately 439km away from the city of Guwahati, India.

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