Top 25 Cities In Worlds by The British Monocle

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Hello, friends, we are going to tell about the top 25 vibrant cities in the world. The list has been released by the British Monocle Magazine this list has been released after the survey of the standard of living and all system that belongs to his society like their transports and its authority, education, money and After the inspection of late night place including in bars, restaurants, and woman safety or so many more, etc.
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Below the list of cities that are safe for your tour and by finds local

1. Munich, Germany

2. Tokyo, Japan

3. Vienna, Austria

4. Zurich, Switzerland

5. Copenhagen, Denmark

6. Berlin, Germany

7. Madrid, Spain

8. Hamburg, Germany

9. Melbourne, Australia

10. Helsinki, Finland

11. Stockholm, Sweden

12. Lisbon, Portugal

13. Sydney, Australia

14. Hong Kong

15. Vancouver, Canada

16. Amsterdam, Netherlands

17. Kyoto, Japan

18. Dusseldorf, Germany

19. Barcelona, Spain

20. Paris, France

21. Singapore

22. Fukuoka, Japan

23. Auckland,  New Zealand

24. Brisbane, Australia

25. Oslo, Norway
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